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"A cacophony has broken out", Gjekmarkaj gives the names he would propose for President

"A cacophony has broken out", Gjekmarkaj gives the names he would

Democrat MP Agron Gjekmarkaj has given some of the names of candidates he would have proposed for President.

Invited to the studio of "Top Story", Gjekmarkaj said that in his 'personal tastes' as potential candidates would be lawyer Spartak Ngjela, former Speaker Jozefina Topalli, former PD MP Mark Marku or Majlinda Bregu. Gjekmarkaj praised the well-known academic, Artan Fuga, as a candidate for President.

"I find it difficult to understand whether or not we are in the process. It is what is happening within the opposition, its internal problems, it would be easier to have a candidacy, The seriousness with which the opposing side has entered history, I hesitate to call it a process. The SP did not give us anything, the constitution gave us. If the government had the will, it would give the president to the opposition. The government did not say that, it said bring some names.

A cacophony has exploded on our side, they take out the neighbor, the friend, the aunt's husband, the aunt. There are top names, but there are others. For my tastes I would propose Aurel Plasari, Spartak Ngjela, Fatos Lubojna, Mark Marku, Jozefina Topalli, Artan Fuga, Majlinda Bregu etc.

If we stay inside the box, we fall into the game of making comedy. In case we assume that the prime minister becomes a cleric and leaves it to the opposition, this must take responsibility and come out serious. He should have gathered, given a serious name, let the majority reject him then. The great overload he has in power, through the fault of the opposition. It should have been a good case of cooperation, I doubt that this will happen ", said Gjekmarkaj.

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