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Presidential candidates, Alizoti: What is happening is nonsense! There is no process with a divided PD

Presidential candidates, Alizoti: What is happening is nonsense! There is no

Democrat MP Tomorr Alizoti described the political situation within the DP as nonsense, but regarding the process for the election of the new President.

Invited to "Information Radar" in Abc, Alizoti says that we are not dealing with a process, as there is no unification of the entire parliamentary group of PD.

"The deputies are from the Democratic Party, but this is a rare case in Albania where the party does not function. The DP has a parliamentary group like any other party. Thus split as it is theoretically does not represent the entire will of the Democrats. We have entered a political folly, which can not be represented by the DP, as the electorate are its voters. The group is called a group when it is whole, in which case the group is not whole. The opposition in any democratic country is not elected by the government

I said it and I'm repeating it, we have the same crisis and we will say the same thoughts because the battle is frozen. One of the reasons I do not participate is that I find it irrational, how many blocks have been unified so strongly that they have become like fans, that either you are with them or against them. The team of this party can not go to the field. Every PD deputy in every corner of Albania has received thousands of votes, therefore he must be represented. This case that happens in PD, is not political, it can be psychiatric but not political " , said Alizoti.

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