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Kelliçi: Head of the Municipal Police of Tirana, joint business with the senior leader of the State Police

Kelliçi: Head of the Municipal Police of Tirana, joint business with the

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi from the blue seat, has denounced the head of the Municipal Police, Ermal Kapllanaj. Kelliçi says that Kapllanaj has a joint business with the head of the State Police, Ferdinand Mara.

Këlliçi says that this joint company, according to the CKB data, does business at several addresses and the latest one is a warehouse erected with the construction permit that Erion Veliaj signed for its Director Ermal Kapllanaj in 2019. 


For 1 year now, we have been making public the nepotistic and corrupt connections of the Municipality of Tirana. For 1 year, we have been filing criminal charges for the corrupt affairs of the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator, Erion Veliaj. The Criminal Organization of the Municipality of Tirana, as it was proven and with our report on the company 5D KONSTRUKSION, has stolen tens of millions of euros until today.

But this structure, in addition to the theft of public money, has not spared the violence against the poorest class of Tirana, the street vendors. After being placed at the head of Tirana Municipality, the leader of the 5D Criminal Organization Erion Veliaj, appointed the Anti-Drug police officer, citizen Ermal Kapllanaj, as the head of the Municipal Police. Manager who is currently being investigated by SPAK for favoring the very profitable land business, on account of his boss at the Tirana incinerator.

The first action this director took was to terrorize the grandmothers, grandfathers and mothers who stayed for hours in the rain and sun to sell vegetables to ensure survival. Follow the images on the screen! These pictures speak louder than words. The violence and terror on the poorest class of Tirana was justified with the need to have markets with quality and food safety, but after our investigation it turns out that that terror had only one purpose.

The financial benefit of Ermal Kapllanaj and his close friend Ferdinand Mara, another senior leader in the State Police. At first, Ermal Kapllanaj took care to employ Ferdinand Mara's brother as part of the gang of criminals in the Municipal Police. In 2016, Ferdinand's father, Bajram Marë, was registered as a businessman, who rented spaces to those who wanted to sell fruits and vegetables in the markets already approved by the Municipality of Tirana within the neighborhoods.

In 2019, Ferdinand's wife, who is a school teacher in Tirana, decides to become a businesswoman with the same object of activity as her father-in-law: Fruit and vegetable trade. Business which, according to the public data of the National Business Center, has circulated not a little, but more than 600,000 euros per year. Of course, Ermali could not be satisfied with that. In 2020, the FRESHMART company was established with the object: trade in fruit and vegetable markets. A partner in this business is "coincidentally" Ferdinand Mara's father and Ermal Kapllanaj's father-in-law.

As we saw in file 5D that the baker's father-in-law becomes a millionaire, in this scandalous affair we see how Ermal Kapllanaj's father-in-law, from the honorable profession of adjuster with a salary of 300 euros in a private entity, finds the time and capacity to become a businessman.

According to KKB data, this company does business at several addresses and the most recent one is a warehouse built with the construction permit that Erion Veliaj signed for his Director Ermal Kapllanaj in 2019. Of course, we will forward this data to him. officially SPAK, which remains to be seen if they will continue to be a shield for the head of the 5D Criminal Organization Erion Veliajn, or if they will perform their duty in law enforcement, as Albanian citizens expect.

Dear citizens, the Opposition and the Democratic Party is determined to carry out its mission to the end. I am determined to keep the promise given to the citizens of Tirana to make transparent about the countless abuses that this Criminal Organization has done in almost 1 decade that it has run the largest City Hall in the country. I again invite all the citizens of Tirana to join the protest tomorrow, Friday, at 11:00 in front of the Tirana City Hall and demand the removal of Erion Veliaj and his Organization of Thieves 5D from the city hall offices. Today, never!


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