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"Time to sound the alarm", Shehu: The May 14 elections, deformed before they even started

"Time to sound the alarm", Shehu: The May 14 elections, deformed

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Tritan Shehu, has returned again to the local elections of May 14.

In a post on Facebook, Shehu called them deformed before they started, while he added that the courts, CEC and KAS were used to manipulate them.

The democratic deputy writes that the map of the results was an indicator of the fact that the elections were not normal.

Full post:

These elections were distorted before they even started.
A conspiracy was carried out on PD and the opposition.
Courts, CEC, KAS were used.
The name, initials, and logo of the DP were changed.

 The name of the coalition leader was censored from the ballots.
Rames' "crutches" were also used in the Assembly and outside it to create confusion and alienate the vote.
They were paid for this 2 ME mission.
In addition to others...
The very "map" that emerged from these elections shows how deformed democracy is in Albania.
How deformed was the entire election process.
And this should deeply concern you colleagues of the majority, who want to "celebrate"!
Because we are moving from autocracy to current dictatorship.
No one should "celebrate", we should all be aware that this "road" takes us away from democratic values, Europe and the West.
It's time to sound the alarm all together!

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