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The confiscation of the "Prestige Resort", Hysaj: Rama's mafia revenge is unfounded, an act of vandalism

The confiscation of the "Prestige Resort", Hysaj: Rama's mafia

The Secretary for Public Relations in DP, Jola Hysaj, reacted after the police and government officials landed today at "Prestige Resort" to confiscate a part of the building.

Hysaj writes on Facebook that as the country faces the high flow of young Albanians who are leaving every day to emigrate, the uncertainty increases even more when the government, on a holy day like Sultan Nevruzi, takes the initiative to confiscate a business building .

Hysaj says that Rama's mafia revenge is unfounded and reaches such a vandalistic act to violate the media's business and free speech.

Hysaj's post:

Every day the main topic is why Albanians flee, every day we hear macabre murders in the news adding to our insecurity and terror.

Today is Sultan Novruz Day, a day where joy and goodness accompany us towards spring, every day the state's inability to maintain security becomes more evident.

But do you know how many days off the state is inspired to work??

The desire to silence the Albanians, the media opposition is getting stronger and stronger.

What is happening with Prestige Resort is again an act of vandalism and a continuous attempt to violate business and free speech.

The prime minister's mafia revenge did not happen, only a pathological patient, a dictator reaches this point.

Exceeding and violating every human right, tomorrow what is happening to one of the biggest businesses and media in the country can happen to each of us.

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