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"Where do you have the Erion trees?"/ Berisha: Veliaj has stolen the sums for the purchase of 1 million saplings

"Where do you have the Erion trees?"/ Berisha: Veliaj has stolen the

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has declared this Wednesday that the mayor Erion Veliaj is the biggest thief of citizens' pockets.

During his speech at the civic gathering, Berisha declared that Veliaj and his directors stole 38 million euros. Furthermore, he reminded Veliaj about planting trees, as he says that the latter stole the money for the purchase of 1 million saplings.

Berisha: Where are the Erion trees, which deserves every quality back, but I'm keeping my mouth shut that it deserves every quality?  Where are the 1 million trees? Who stole them? Do the citizens know that pine trees were bought at prices of 5,600 euros, at prices of 6,200 euros? These thieves have no mercy, these thieves have stripped their souls of everything.

So Friday is far to give him what he deserves. My friends, on Friday everyone at the town hall, let's save Tirana, let's save Albania.

Is there a mayor in Europe or in the world who steals money for kindergartens? Who tends the garden 3 times and does not find a mole or a mole.

Is there someone greedy like this Erion Veliaj, who builds the school with 8 million euros, with 10 million euros, at a time when the European Union builds schools with 600 thousand euros, with 800 thousand euros?

Is there in Europe, in the world, a second thief like this who gives the taxpayers' money with a tender to his brother to make his wedding? Does the wedding even take place on the altar in the castle of Gjirokastra?

Is there a greater shame for us, for the capital, than to keep a man like this? Dear friends, today I was checking publications on Tirana tenders.

It is known that with the 100 percent model, he and his directors stole 38 million euros. 100 percent stolen. Can this be tolerated? Is there no greater shame than being the mayor?

There is no greater shame than that this is not where the most defamed thieves of a nation, of a country, belong.


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