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McGonigal admits guilt, Lela: The political damage is done, America's shoulders have turned to Rama

McGonigal admits guilt, Lela: The political damage is done, America's

The Director of the Press and Communication Office in DP, Alfred Lela, spoke about the consequences of Rama's involvement in the McGonigal scandal and how he was "punished" by the US during the UN meeting.

Invited to Syri Tv, Lela said that apparently the US condemned Rama by seeing the behavior in the meetings that took place in the UN offices in New York. According to Lela, Rama did not even have the opportunity to approach the American president Joe Biden, precisely because of the fact that Rama's name is mentioned in the Albanian file of the McGonigal scandal.

"It seems that the majority has followed the line of denial, this has also been confirmed in the media close to the government. It has not happened that the culprit admitted guilt or had a guilty conscience or reflection, which apparently means that it continues on the same line and the facts are stubborn even or nothing has changed in the indictment.

The entire line that the opposition has published was also shown in the agreement that McGonigal reached with the American justice in this sense the opposition had the correct discourse and did not avoid the facts which were inevitable because they were in a well-argued and well-argued document. well proven by the justice department.

I think there are some signs that have appeared for months and what happened at the UN assembly that took place in New York, if we compare Rama's meetings in the USA, it was a desert and there was no high-level meeting. The Prime Minister of Albania, because he was mentioned in the McGonigal file, has given the effects and so I think that the political damage has already happened and it is clear, America's shoulders have already turned to Rama. The way America punishes you was fixed by what happened at the UN and it happened to Rama ," said Lela.

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