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Lindita Metaliaj: Edi Rama has discriminated against the north, today Lezha has been emptied

Lindita Metaliaj: Edi Rama has discriminated against the north, today Lezha has

DP MP, Lindita Metaliaj, in her speech at today's parliamentary session, responded to Minister Balla.

She said that today Lezha has been abandoned because the government has not invested.

Lindita Metaliaj: I live there and I don't need to go. I go back and forth from Lezhë-Tirana, and I know very well how long it takes me to do Lezhë-Tirana, how long it takes those tourists you trumpet to do the Milot-Shengjin-Rana detour.

We all know very well how much it is Shkodër-Lezhë, or Lezhë-Milot or Lezhë-Fushë Krujë. If you have built 1 meter of road on this axis that I mentioned, I retract my word.

This map doesn't let you lie. 3.4 billion all over the north, 55 billion all over the south. And if there is someone here who has discriminated against the north and is anti-northern, it is Edi Rama.

Regarding the tourism you mentioned. Yes, in May you will bring new tourists, both to Shengjin and to Gjadër, because with that concentration and isolation camp you are doing, you are doing nothing else, but you are driving Albanians away and you want to fill them with unfortunate citizens in fact, who are not looking for Albania, but an EU country, and you are pushing Albanians away because you have not provided any conditions.

And that today Lezha has been emptied, this is a fact, that today there are fewer children in daycare, fewer children in schools is a fact, that agriculture and animal husbandry has gone bankrupt, this is a fact.

That the hospital is in such a deplorable condition and I showed it with facts that there are no medications, beds, sheets and doors in the Lezha emergency room, this is a fact.

And the sick, you are taking them to Tirana and Shkodër and as they go to Tirana and Shkodër, unfortunately they have passed away.

And to tell the truth, it's a lie, it only happens to you.

And I kindly invited you, after my speech, to give the opportunity to solve the problems, and not to make replies with facts and arguments that do not stand, because big and small know the situation.

Those who live there know the situation, and not you who go through transit.

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