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The release of Tahir, Noka: He kept the code 'Omerta', did not release names

The release of Tahir, Noka: He kept the code 'Omerta', did not release

The former Minister of the Interior, Flamur Noka, has stated that Saimir Tahiri was released after respecting the code of silence by not naming other people involved in drug trafficking.

Noka made the comments on the show "Log" on Panorama TV, where he said that while Tahiri was in prison, he was contacted by the SP to use all his criminal connections for the May 14 elections.

He added that during the time Tahiri was minister, Albania turned into a 'drug factory', meaning the increased cultivation of cannabis.

"In terms of justice, as you know, we voted for the reform in justice, we attacked the next steps that showed that the reform was soris-reform, to give justice to Edi Rama. Even in the USA there are such interventions by Soros.

From 1-2 million euros, the kilometer of the highway goes to 23, the answer is that after they received justice, they were sure that no thorn in their side will enter. Revolutionaries have this, leftists eat their own sons. Time was enough to prove that justice was all political.

Look at the case of Saimir Tahiri, from the way the accusations were formulated, when the whole of Albania turned into a drug factory, when we discovered that we had endless airstrips that had not even been explored by Italy, Tahiri had done it. Albania Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador and in Albania it is make money, pretend and get out without getting wet. Those who do not have money will remain in prison. We do not have these expectations. The electoral masquerade that has taken place, or farce.

Mr. Olli and I entered and left the ministry with our hands in our pockets, the others came out billionaires. That they are doing it for 2 years inside and came out today and are enjoying the riches. When I retire, I may face any charges.

He was with a strong criminal contingent and told him, I'm ashamed for me to go out and you to stay. Why did the criminal contingent leave prison to serve in the elections? Tahiri kept the Omerta code during this period and they contacted him in prison to use all his connections in the elections", said Noka.

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