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His supporters attacked MPs and journalists, Lulzim Basha reacts

His supporters attacked MPs and journalists, Lulzim Basha reacts

Lulzim Basha has reacted after the verbal violence, insults and insults that his supporters made towards democratic deputies and journalists.

Basha initially spared criticism for the violence, as he wrote on Twitter that the debates at the Presidency meeting was a sign of reflection that has started in the party.

He further adds that he condemns and rejects any attempt to create tension, when in fact it was his sympathizers who made the situation tense and threatened the democratic deputies.

"The spirit of constructive debate with which the Presidency of the Democratic Party debated for more than 8 hours to find the best way to reorganize the Democratic Party is a clear sign of a deep reflection that has begun within our political family. There is nothing more democratic than different opinions in a political forum. Debates and different opinions should be respected by everyone. The democratic values ​​that guide us in this difficult journey for us democrats cannot be violated by any individual. I strongly reject and condemn any attempt at tension that feeds the old political culture of mud and blackmail with which we have parted once and for all and which must be left behind ," writes Basha on Twitter.

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