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Lessons from the terrorist act in Kosovo!

Lessons from the terrorist act in Kosovo!

By Jorida Tabaku

The Parliament of Kosovo adopted a Resolution by unanimous vote for an international investigation of the crimes of the Serbian army on the territory of Kosovo.

An action really to be welcomed as it sheds light on the honorable situation in Kosovo.

The terrorist act that took the life of a policeman was enlightening for many who are not clear about the daily danger that Kosovo goes through. But, above all, it illuminated the closed minds of the rulers in Albania who, drunk with success, have not yet understood that they cannot be like the aggressor and the one who is hit, accomplices.

Even more so when the evidence points to a large arsenal of weapons and well-trained forces that have gone into the territory of an independent republic to destabilize and create unrest. Especially in today's conditions Europe is facing an unjustified and criminal aggression in Ukraine.

A conflict that should orient us from dialogue, but which unfortunately, in some eyes, orients us from completely irresponsible and inconceivable behavior for a country in the accession process.

This aggressive mentality and the insistence that violence is the only means should make us understand that dialogue must be restored, but with really different conditions and with a different priority.

For this to happen, the EU must remove all unfair penalties for Kosovo, which, although it has always accepted to be in undesirable conditions for it at the table, has never sought to replace dialogue with violence or destabilization of the Region.

The time is for action and not for words!

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