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Meta cut: The Investigative Commission for the 'Rama-McGonigal' scandal will be set up

Meta cut: The Investigative Commission for the 'Rama-McGonigal'

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has said that the Investigative Commission for the "McGonigal" scandal must definitely be set up.

In a press conference from headquarters, Meta said that Rama's name, mentioned 14 times in the file, shows that there is a violation of American laws. The head of the PL added with conviction that Rama will leave, stressing that there will be no coup to save the prime minister from his responsibilities.

"Rama's name is 14 times in the decisions of the American justice on this issue. They have just begun. Second, the NY Times article refers to prosecutors in Washington. They say it very clearly; has taken steps for the benefit of this politician. It is a criminal activity, as we have violations of American laws and many other offenses. We have a criminal misuse of the constitutional position of Albania, severely violating the Constitution of the country, compromising the relations between our two countries, abusing the officials in a false and completely insidious and illegal manner. I am convinced that the commission will be established. I am convinced that Rama will leave. We won't allow it anymore. The country cannot be without a parliament. It is a constitutional obligation to set up any commission of inquiry if there is such a request. State Punch,, Meta said.

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