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Goal for December 6: It is a pro-European demonstration

Goal for December 6: It is a pro-European demonstration

The Chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, paid homage at the "Martyrs' Cemetery" today, November 29.

In a statement to the media, Meta also spoke about the December 6 protest called by the Democratic Party. The head of the PL said that on December 6, they will be in the square to put an end to the capture of the state by the mafia and not to prevent Albania's membership in the EU.


"Without any doubt that on December 6 we will all be cheering and once again we will make Albania like all of Europe. A free country to put an end to state capture and the installation of the mafia in power. A country where no one can stop the aspiration to join the EU. No protest has been announced against the mayor, his non-refundable ticket on May 14. A pro-European manifestation has been announced that all of Albania wants to give a message of gratitude and to encourage Albania to go on the path of European integration and the Berlin process", said Meta. 


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