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Meta for Altin Duman: His cousin has killed people, he killed pluralism

Meta for Altin Duman: His cousin has killed people, he killed pluralism

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has made serious accusations against the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, Altin Duman.

Meta has labeled the hired killer who agreed to cooperate with justice by revealing the murders as the "cousin of Nuredin Duman".

Meta: " I didn't make any threats. I am to defend political pluralism... I do not threaten anyone. But I am Ilir Meta, you super fools, you super fools. To send me the patronageist and tell me Ik that you are doing badly... The Laraskas can catch you but PL has 300 thousand Vojo Kusha, here in America, Brussels and all over the world"

There is and has never been any attack by Ilir Meta, as President or chairman of PL, against SPAK. Despite the fact that I have made it clear as President publicly and then continuously, that the election of the General Prosecutor with 69 votes was a flagrant capture of the prosecution institutions, since in this way the KLP was captured, through the appointments made by Arta Marku . SPAK has had all my support as president to do the job and has never done it, for those expectations that were required.

SPAK is the result of a forced calving. SPAK was grabbed by Edi Rama's throat. SPAK was expected to investigate Dibra's file, but it was sent to the District Prosecutor's Office. Everyone expected SPAK to act for the 2021 elections, where blood was shed. My relations with SPAK have been transparent. I took several cases to SPAK, but I never received an answer," said Meta.

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