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Meta: Rama and Vucic have charmed the West, but both are autocrats

Meta: Rama and Vucic have charmed the West, but both are autocrats

The President of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, speaking at an event organized by the International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) said that EU member states have often been more critical than EU institutions ( Germany, France, Netherlands).


 "In the country, an autocratic and kleptocratic government has been created that has not only forced more than 1/3 of Albanians to flee the country, but has also significantly damaged relations in the region.

Autocrats, as we well know, are a special type of people who, for the sake of holding on to power, for the sake of serving their unsatisfied and delusional personal ambitions, are ready to sacrifice and compromise even with national interests. And they often make alliances with their fellow autocrats.

And this undivided support for autocrats has weakened opposition forces, to the detriment of democracy. This can be said about Serbia, this can certainly be said about Albania.

The autocratic duo of Albania and Serbia, Rama and Vučić, who seem to have charmed a lot in the West, often channel the energies of regional cooperation in the wrong direction: terrible plans for the exchange of territory, models of cooperation, such as the "Open Balkans" , which challenge EU-led processes such as the "Berlin Process", have wasted these energies and prolonged the EU integration process.

The quality of regional cooperation between countries, as well as their security and continued integration into the EU, will greatly depend on the quality of democracy and sustainable development in each country.

Current policies in Albania do not lead us in the right direction. Therefore, the Freedom Party of Albania is very clear and committed to what needs to be done", said Meta.

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