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"They checked us physically", Vokshi said harshly: In the Parliament there were 2 guards for one MP

"They checked us physically", Vokshi said harshly: In the Parliament

Deputy of the Democratic Party, Alban Vokshi, declared that the opposition will not withdraw and that there will not be a normal session in the Assembly, until their constitutional rights are respected.

In a connection with the Nea24 studio, she stated that today the opposition MPs were checked not only with a scanner, but also physically, an unprecedented act according to her.

He also stated that today there were 2 guards for one deputy in the hall, and according to Vokshi, what Gazment Bardhi warned on Saturday happened.

" Just as it began unconstitutionally, so it ended. No one knows what Edi Rama approved under the smoke of the flares. We will not allow a normal session if the rights of the opposition are not respected. It was what Bardhi warned him about on Saturday. He took out a picture of how the deployment of all the guards would be.

And it was the same as it is today. There were hundreds of guards inside and others outside. But why this? Because Edi Rama was coming today. In no case is it allowed for the guard to enter between the deputies. Do you know that today there were two guards for every deputy? In the interior, the lobby and the exterior. Is this a free parliament?

I asked the head of the guard to show me the order. Whoever brought the guard inside violated the constitution. SPAK should investigate.

Deputies were subjected to physical checks, unprecedented! Not only scanner checks, but also physical checks. Nothing stops the protest. Rama has miscalculated with us. It cannot assign us, it cannot control us.

Today Rama had come to speak, but he is a coward and left without speaking and ended it with 4 minutes. Don't believe what he writes from the office, but look at how his face is blackened in the plenary session", she said.

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