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What happened at the PD meeting? Godole: There was a noise

What happened at the PD meeting? Godole: There was a noise

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Jonila Godole, spoke about the debates and the situation created yesterday evening during the meeting of the Presidency of the Democrats.

Invited to the studio of the show "Open" on News24, Godole revealed that a noise was heard during the meeting and when she came out, she said that 3 people had told her "what is there to laugh at", because according to them this was a serious situation.

She added that she had asked not to continue with the meeting under these conditions, which was rejected even though according to her people had gathered outside who had tensed the situation.

" I was at the end of the hall and we heard a noise. I remembered that the journalists had entered and there was some sort of clash. What I experienced was nothing big, but I knew 3 people who told me that there is something to laugh about because the situation is serious.

I was with a smile when I came out because I thought there were reporters outside. It was important for me to have a meeting behind closed doors and I went inside asking not to continue with these conditions. There were people outside who had tensed the situation and it was not accepted to postpone the vote.

No proposal was requested there. Immediately after losing the election, we spoke to analyze the situation and this did not happen. It was the different platforms that basically want the same thing. We assume that those who are in the Presidency of a party, when they sit, speak for the good of the party. We are there for the opening of the race even though there was talk of the election of the mayor. It will definitely be done, but the race must be opened first ", she said.

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