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Noka after the presidency meeting: Albanians no longer want the 'Albanian McGonigal' prime minister, in elections with a technical government

Noka after the presidency meeting: Albanians no longer want the 'Albanian

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, spoke to the media after the meeting of the leadership of the party.

Noka said that in the meeting it was discussed that the opposition MPs will come down to hold numerous meetings, while he added that after the February 20 protest, Albanians can no longer accept "Albanian McGonigal" as prime minister.

" The merger of the DP, the creation of the united opposition and the protest of February 20 as the culmination of developments within the opposition, were the headlines and showed that the DP, the opposition, but also the country has entered a new stage of political developments.

The protest of the citizens, that river of people that overflowed in Tirana, that human energy that was poured on the boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation", showed that Albania needs a big change.

That flood of people, that popular hurricane gave a message to the PD as well, and today our presidency decided to read and decipher it well and clearly, that message of the free people, the democrats, the opposition who participated, and the non-aligned who participated , even of socialists disappointed and trampled by the renaissance sect, who participated.

The translation of that message is that we will go down to the grassroots, we will all go down to meet all the citizens, the pensioners, the farmers, the teachers, the doctors, the workers, the unemployed, the youth.

We will be in contact with them every day, to direct all this human energy and give it an opportunity to release all this energy, so that Albania can finally go to free and democratic elections, with a technical government and no more. with a government that is the enemy of free voting.

Another point was analyzed.

After February 16 and especially after February 20, Albanians can no longer accept Prime Minister McGonigal.

McGonigall in the USA was convicted for the Albanian case.

In Albania, the first step that must happen is for the Albanian McGonigall to leave the seat of power and make way for a technical government, so that Albania finally has a representative government of the Albanians and not of the patron Nazis and criminals.

A government that has only one goal, to enable Albanians to have free and fair elections, elections that have been missing for more than 10 years in this country, and then to pave the way for Albania to move towards European integration, hindered and blocked by the crime and corruption of the renaissance" , said Noka.

Asked if there were discussions regarding the reorganization of the structures of the DP, including the members of the Bardhi group, either in the leadership, but also in the party's structures, Noka said, "Of course, the third item on the agenda of this chairmanship, it was the opening of the process for reorganization and elections in 20 branches, the chairmen had resigned after running in the local elections.

Regarding the inclusion of other MPs, without the slightest discussion, we made a decision before February 20, before the protest, that all MPs without any exception are in the working groups of the DP in all districts. This is an exhausted process."


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