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The lawsuit in 'Kushtetuese', Zhupa gives good news about the Butrint case

The lawsuit in 'Kushtetuese', Zhupa gives good news about the Butrint

In a press conference, the democratic deputy, Ina Zhupa, spoke about the case of Butrint, for which she filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional Court. It demands that the law that provides for the concession of this national asset be repealed.

Zhupa said that the Constitutional Court has legitimized the request of 36 deputies. She then announced some good news on the matter.

"I want to start directly with good news, before I give other details. An excellent news related to the final result, I believe, that this judicial process will have, winning Butrinti, winning the Albanians and the citizens. Three constitutional institutions independent of each other, and three high institutions of the state have their submissions to the Constitutional Court, and have their written opinion on the unconstitutional declaration of the Butrint concession.

Concretely, we are the deputies as a constitutional body, who have presented both the request and our submissions, who request the cancellation of the concession, and on the other hand is the President of the Republic, who, as he has presented to the Assembly with a decree and the reasons for the return of this decree, calls the concession anti-constitutional.

In this case, we become two parties. The novelty and addition of these submissions is the Supreme State Audit, another independent constitutional body, in the submissions it has sent to the Constitutional Court, it fully supports the request of the Opposition MPs and demands the repeal of the law as an anti-constitutional law. The President of the Republic, the deputies of the Assembly of Albania, the High State Control are recognized as saying that the concession of Butrint is anti-constitutional", she said.

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