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Bardhi warns: If the majority does not respect the rights of the opposition, we will escalate the action

Bardhi warns: If the majority does not respect the rights of the opposition, we

The head of the DP parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, warns that the opposition's action in the parliament will continue until their demands are resolved.

In a direct link to the show "Opinion" on TV Klan, Bardhi says that if their demands are not approved, the opposition will escalate the protest.

Excerpts from the studio discussion:

Gazment Bardhi:  Since the launch of our action, we have made it clear who our demands are. First, it has to do with the establishment of investigative commissions, secondly with the advancement of the Electoral Reform. We, as the opposition, have proposed changing the composition of the opposition members. Thirdly, various opposition MPs have proposed 31 bills ranging from the fight against corruption to the law on the living wage. We are not asking for any favors, raising commissions is a right that belongs to us.

Blendi Fevziu: Are you really implementing parliamentarization or are you trying to create chaos to create a bad image of Rama or worse to overcome an internal crisis?

Gazment Bardhi:  Things are not as they seem in Albania and this is a fact. The moment the majority respects the constitutional rights of the opposition, the situation returns to normal. I have warned the president of the assembly, they told her that there will be no normalcy if you ignore the demands of the opposition.

Blendi Fevziu: Does the situation in the parliament have anything to do with the beginning of the investigation for the DP chairman and the situation created by this investigation?

Gazment Bardhi : 0 relation to that issue, meet the requirements and you will see that as far as the opposition is concerned, the situation in the assembly will normalize immediately. As a counter, we started the protest in the Assembly on October 5, while SPAK's activity against Berisha started on October 21. The proposal for this action was made in the parliamentary group. We will continue to show the Albanian public what the prime minister of a country is capable of doing. We will escalate our action. Citizens have more reasons to protest than the opposition itself. We are ready to make any sacrifice.

Blendi Fevziu: How many commissions of inquiry have you requested and how many were dismissed?

Gazment Bardhi : A total of 8 investigative commissions were requested, 3 of which did not pass for discussion even in the plenary session. In this session alone, 3 requests for the establishment of investigative commissions were dismissed.


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