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"The money is in Zoto's accounts", Kryemadhi: I am to blame for Alqi Bllako, ordinary skunk who made a name for himself

"The money is in Zoto's accounts", Kryemadhi: I am to blame for

The chairperson of LSI, Monika Kryemadhi, has debated with journalist Klodiana Lala regarding the issue of incinerators.

Invited to the Open at 'Neës 24', Kryemadhi was asked by the journalist why the denunciation comes now.

The chairwoman of LSI said that this is not the issue that should be focused on, adding that they should not become part of the SP game to fight each other.

Excerpt from the debate:

Kryemadhi : You are an investigative journalist, go and interview everyone. Don't focus on fighting each other part of the SP game. This is the weak point and not Monika's fault... I am to blame for Alqi Bllako, an ordinary thief, I am also to blame for Lefter Koka. I also blame Edi Rama for the robberies. I did not know that no one told me that I am Ilir Meta's wife.

Lala : Did Bogdan answer you and declare that you have all the bills? Do you have information about who are the political exponents behind these companies? Do you have records to confirm that tell us where the money ended up. It was stolen from here and Tirana's incinerator is worth 128 million and it doesn't work, we know that...

Kryemadhi : 128 is up to the end, he has a contract for 6 years. you can't say today it is 128. The head of the scheme, the pyramid is Edi Rama, the lawyer is Erion Veliaj. SPAK clarified this. There is a lawsuit against Edi Rama, Vleiaj, Subash, Alqi Bllakon, there is a lawsuit against the Bid Evaluation Commission. Today you have only two people that Edi Rama used, you have the incinerator company, where only invoices are made. The scheme cannot be implemented without an approval from the Prime Minister... The state budget has entered the budget of the municipality of Tirana. The money is in Klodian Zoto's account. But Klodian Zoto himself is in search, have Klodian Zoto's bank accounts been blocked?

Lala : The company is blocked...

Kryemadhi : Has Klodian Zoto and Gullaja been announced on the Interpol list or are they traveling between Vienna?

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