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"It is becoming uninhabitable"/ Meta focuses on the problems of Tirana, a signal that requires the direction of the municipality?

"It is becoming uninhabitable"/ Meta focuses on the problems of

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has denounced various problems of the capital in recent days, such as pollution, concrete, the poor state of urban services, high costs, etc.

This caused the media to hint that Meta was targeting Tirana. In a conference held yesterday, he was asked about this issue. He did not give a definite answer, leaving open the possibility that he will run for the Municipality of Tirana.

"Tirana is the priority of priorities for me for the reason that I also feel deep obligations for this tragedy that has happened to our city that has become unlivable", declared the former president.

Today again the Freedom Party has stopped in Tirana. The Secretary of the Freedom Party, Tedi Blushi, says that Tirana is becoming more and more uninhabitable every day, noting, "Stratospheric prices, high taxes, abusive fines, corruption of the municipality with fictitious burners, lack of quality local administration services, water undrinkable, concreting and constructions without criteria, the disappearance of public spaces, as well as scandalous public transport".

He emphasizes that the citizens of Tirana deserve more and their voice should be heard.

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