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"He is behaving like a hostage taker", Berisha: Veliaj started to say that his brother paid for Rama's exhibitions

"He is behaving like a hostage taker", Berisha: Veliaj started to say

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has recalled that the next protest will be held in front of Tirana's municipality on Friday.

From the civic gathering, Berisha said that Erion Veliaj started saying that his brother paid for Rama's exhibitions. 

Berisha : Dear friends, Friday is a very special day, it is the day of the battle against the most disfigured thief of the capital of Albania, Erion Velija.
My friends, every hour he spends in that building is a terrible insult to the capital.
It is a humiliation for Albanians.
Any allusion to mercenaries like Duman is self-deception, self-deception, self-deception.
Do you know what he says now, what Erion Veliaj spreads up and down? I tell them.
He says that indeed my brother has been found with money, big parel. but with that money, he says, he paid for exhibitions of Edi Rama's doodles.
With that money, says Erion Veliaj, he paid the education of Belinda Balluk's children.
So look what a hostage taker, you touched me, you touched Rama. You touched me, you touched Balluk.
Are these true? He who tells him, where there is smoke, there is no fire.
But the problem is that no one expects the solution from Dumani. Every Albanian expects from the citizens of Tirana.

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