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"Free professions, evidence of the scum of immorality reborn!"

"Free professions, evidence of the scum of immorality reborn!"

By Petrit Vasili

Free professions, evidence of the scum of reborn immorality!

Rama, the Government and the deputies have used the state weapons, the votes in the Assembly and the dirty mouth against the free professions.

Ministers and MPs spew all kinds of broccoli that they don't take out of their mouths to please Ramen l.

Renaissance immorality has spilled into the streets.

Yes, these political palaces reduce the oligarchs' tax on dividends from 15% to 8% even with retroactive force, violating the Constitution in a violent way and removing hundreds of millions of euros from the state budget.

Yes, these political palaces are reduced to 6% VAT for strategic investors who earn hundreds of millions of euros.

Yes, these palaces are forgiven to Alabar for the Port of Durres for a total of 230 million euros tax exemption.

Billions have been robbed and are being robbed with incinerators, with concessions and secret tenders that did not spare even the pandemic and now howl like street dogs for free professionals.

So the palaces are not worried about extorting billions of euros from the state budget for the corrupt, mafia and traffickers, but they burn your heart for five lek, which they have to take from the free professionals who are unsupported, unsupported now and fiercely fought by this government certified thieves.

These renaissance palaces are immoral to the core.

Hypocrites, who stink of cannabis.

Mascarenj, that stinks of mafia.

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