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National protest, Gjekmarkaj: It will be massive and warning

National protest, Gjekmarkaj: It will be massive and warning

The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Agron Gjekmarkaj, spoke about the national protest called on July 11 by the Democratic Party.

Speaking to News 24, he said that the protest will be big and a warning, so that according to him no one dares to touch the elections and stop the rotation.

He said that in the next elections the country needs change, just as the Albanians expect and deserve it, through a modern program.

Asked if PD can do without Sali Berisha, Gjekmarkaj said that he has been and remains a central figure of the Democratic Party, regardless of what different groups in this party think.

"We fought a battle, but we recognized the strength of the majority. Berisha was legitimized by the vote and I believe that DP has overcome its most difficult phase and we must not make any more mistakes in the future. I believe that we have closed the phase of self-annihilation and annihilation that the opponents attempted", said Gjekmarkaj.

He said that Albania needs honest people, as thieves are suffocating it. In this context, he said that the enter, steal and run mentality has been created and this is happening with public money.

" By finding honest people, adapting the laws according to the EU model, Albania finds its own way ", said Gjekmarkaj, adding that the time has come to trust the PD and its people, as well as happened in 2005.

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