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"The protest changed the fate of Albania", Berisha: Rama still holds the PD seal hostage for Lul Brava

"The protest changed the fate of Albania", Berisha: Rama still holds

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha declared from the civic gathering held below his apartment that yesterday's opposition protest changed Albania's fate.

But again, Berisha accuses Prime Minister Edi Rama of continuing to hold the DP seal hostage for Lulzim Basha with his courts.

Berisha : Last night has changed the fate of Albania.

The February 20 hurricane marked four major achievements.

First; last night, with your hurricane, you collapsed Edi Rama's fraud pyramid and burned all the millions of euros he had spent in the fight against the opposition.

After last night, Edi Rama cannot deceive even his closest people and not the Albanians anymore. With what face will he tell the Albanians, after yesterday's hurricane, that the opposition is weak, that Sali Berisha is isolated.

With what face will Edi Rama tell the Albanians that the Albanians love him, while they came out in the biggest hurricane that can be remembered, precisely against the alliance of stinkers led by Edi Rama.

How will Edi Rama face, still holding hostage with his courts the stamp of the DP for Lul Brava.

Every deception on which Edi Rama based his fight against the opposition has collapsed last night and with the collapse of these deceptions, the disintegration of the renaissance criminal clan, of the renaissance criminal sect, has begun.

You will soon see, the honest socialists will wake up and realize that Edi Rama and the revival turned their party into a den of crime.

Friends, remember these words. You will see how in the end, the rebirth will be reduced to just two people. In two people, Edi Rama and Lulzim Brava.

Do you know why? Because they are the only ones who even in the end believe in their deceptions.

Rama believes that the Albanians love him, while Brava believes that the public funds of the DP belong to him to be used for his purposes.

The second major achievement of the February 20 hurricane is its extraordinary international echo.

The values ​​of this echo are multiple.

On the one hand, each of the participants, each of you, has been seen by the public of free countries, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, northern countries as a fighter of free vote, of pluralism, of anti-corruption , that is, as an opponent of just causes.

On the other hand, this echo presented Edi Rama to the whole world, as the man who violates the elections of Albanian citizens, who arrests for political reasons, without any proof, fact, document, just like in Russia and Tehran, Uganda or Tunisia, the leader of the opposition out of fear or the horror that he can never win elections in this country again.

But on the other hand, this extraordinary echo of the hurricane of February 20, proved to citizens, parliamentarians, governments around the world, that Edi Rama denies the constitutional parliamentary rights of the opposition, does not allow the creation of parliamentary investigative commissions, to investigate the thefts his big ones with burners, sterilizers, PPPs, the port of Durrës, the park of Butrint.

To investigate his 140 trips in 18 months by plane taxi that departs from Rinas out of control and with which they are said to be transported in diplomatic trunks, hundreds of tons of drugs and hundreds of millions of euros stolen from Albanians, and hundreds of millions of euros of drug clans his drug trafficker.

He does not allow his investigation because he is immersed in monstrous crimes.


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