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Reactions to the protest, Vasili: Dumb ambassadors to the mafia theft of Rama and Veliaj

Reactions to the protest, Vasili: Dumb ambassadors to the mafia theft of Rama

The vice-president of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, reacted to the statements of the embassies in Tirana after the opposition's protest in front of the capital city hall, accusing them of being dumb to the mafia theft of Rama and Veliaj.

Full reaction:

Damn the dumb Ambassadors to the unpunished mafia thugs of Rame and Veliaj and talk against the opposition!

The foreign diplomats accredited in Albania in a tragicomic manner become mute and close their mouths before the very serious denunciations of the corruption of Rame and Veliaj and their impunity by SPAK.

But these ambassadors become tireless talkers to comment on the opposition and its principled and democratic action and to preach all kinds of pseudo-democratic liturgy without any basis or fact, but that is simply what Rama asks of them.

The same ambassadors talk in vain about the imaginary successes of the totally collapsed and caught in justice reform. The same ones who have closed their mouths in front of the Narkostate of Rame, which is called the Colombia of Europe.

But they don't dare to talk about the total capture of justice by Rama, which has brought impunity for him and the whole renaissance gang that surrounds him. They do not talk about the mafia affair of the Port of Durres where the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union was openly violated.

They do not talk about the criminal non-implementation of the decisions of the Constitutional Court by Rama and his deputies. They do not speak when they see and hear the affairs of the prime minister, ministers, MPs, mayors, directors, etc.

They don't speak when they see the SPAK that, as a rotten limb of Rames, condemns Berisha to arrest without charge and in violation of every law and parliamentary procedure, while Beqja, ministers and mayor are free and roam the streets even though there is a mountain of accusation.

They don't talk about the incinerators, an affair that would shake their countries if it happened there. They don't talk about 5D of the Municipality of Tirana, a criminal gang that surpasses every mafia imagination. They do not speak when the army of a NATO country like Albania is found to be cultivating drugs.

They do not speak when all accountability in the Parliament is blocked by blocking the Investigative Commissions and that even today de facto even the only two that are set up are actually blocked.

They do not talk about state violence and the violation of citizens' rights to protest. Ambassadors, who accept SPAK's standards of absolute impunity for Ramen and Veliaj do not deserve to be heard.

Ambassadors who support justice by directing and a SPAK like a rusty cobra in the hands of Rame to protect him from punishment, should shut up. Ambassadors, who accept for us Albanians unacceptable standards for their countries from which they come, are an eloquent example of caviar diplomacy, to put it plainly, of corrupt diplomacy.

To hell with these kind of ambassadors, who impose evil on our land, our country, in our homeland where we are our own lord, as the trust of our forefathers, who protect this land with blood even when many foreign countries wanted to tear us apart .

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