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The increase in the price of oil, Sula: One of the reasons for the impoverishment of Albanians

The increase in the price of oil, Sula: One of the reasons for the

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Dashnor Sula, has reacted to the high price of oil in the country.

In a Facebook post, he compared oil prices in Albania and Kosovo, showing a big difference.

Sula says this price has caused the impoverishment and abandonment of Albania by its citizens.

Full post:

STOP the impoverishment of citizens through the price of oil.

One of the main reasons for the impoverishment of the citizens of Albania and consequently the abandonment of the country, is the price of oil. Our poor country is among the top 5 countries in the world for the highest fuel prices.

- The photo I published in this status shows the price of a liter of oil in Albania and the price of a liter of oil in Kosovo. Both photos were taken by me, one is in Pristina and the other in Elbasan.

It is easily evident that in Albania the price is 500 old lek per liter more expensive than in Kosovo.

197-220 lek costs 1 liter of diesel in Albania

A liter of diesel costs 1.55 euros in Kosovo.

- It is worth mentioning that the exchange rate of the euro has gone almost 1 to 1. Albanian wholesalers who import oil have had reduced costs compared to before.

- To make the big difference of how much our state and the oil importers steal from us with the price, it is worth noting that Kosovo, which has 50 new lek cheaper than us, comes by bus to Durrës to get the imported oil. In addition, I pay almost 50 euros extra for the tax on the national road. However, a liter of fuel costs less there than here.

- We already know that oil is the engine of the economy. The increase in oil brings a chain increase in every price for food, services and everything else related to our lives. So, with the high price of oil, this government keeps every price high and life becomes more difficult. Even more difficult when wages are indexed and do not increase.

Therefore, it is urgent that every action be taken to stop this theft of citizens.

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