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Alibeaj's camp for May 14 is 'confused', Kruja's candidate also withdraws from the race: I will not be part of the political farce

Alibeaj's camp for May 14 is 'confused', Kruja's candidate

Alibeaj's camp is shrinking more and more every day, as the candidates he announced in the mayoral race on May 14 are withdrawing almost every day one by one.

Recently, the candidate for the Municipality of Kruja, Sabah Sheta, has announced his withdrawal from the race. In a post on Facebook, Sheta writes that she has decided not to become part of the political farce that ultimately serves to divide the democrats.

"I have reflected these days and decided not to become part of any political farce, not to serve the divisiveness of the democrats and my citizens, those who respected us as a political force and voted for us en masse on April 25, 2021. This is the main reason why I have decided to withdraw from the candidacy for the Municipality of Kruja in the name of DP. But that doesn't mean I'll leave the battlefield!" , he writes.

Two days ago, the biggest withdrawal from the race for Alibeaj came from the city of Korça, where the mayoral candidate Gjergji Gjata withdrew together with the 40 names listed for the Municipal Council.

"We inform you that I, as the candidate for Mayor of Korçëë and 40 candidates for the Municipal Council, of the PDS political party, withdraw from the electoral race (irrevocably) for the 2023 Local Elections, due to the lack of decision-making procedures in the governing bodies of the PDS regarding with candidacies, as well as for violating the integrity and dignity of all candidates, affected by personal and non-collegial decisions. We wish the best for Korça and success for the best candidates across the country. (We will carry out the official procedure according to the rules provided by the law, at the CEC)" announced Gjata.

Another appeal came from the Municipality of Kurbin, where Genc Doçi announced that Alibeaj had not formalized his candidacy.

"Dear citizens of Kurbin! I will not be a candidate for the local elections on May 14, 2023, despite my great desire to be represented. This happened after the Presidency of PDSH decided not to make my candidacy official" , wrote Doçi.

Even Sandër Marku, Alibeaj's candidate for Lezha Municipality, withdrew from running. Mark was on the lists submitted in the last minutes the night before by Alibeaj to the CEC.

While Librazhd's candidate, Bujar Vreto, stated that he had not submitted the documentation to the CEC and as a result was not even registered.

"I have not registered, I have not entered the competition, I have not even submitted the documentation to the CEC" , said Bujar Vreto.

Even Vora "abandoned" Alibeaj, where the candidate Ibrahim Bruka said it was impossible to run because of a family reason.

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