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Shehaj: Rama did not participate in the session on purpose, he tried to eliminate the opposition

Shehaj: Rama did not participate in the session on purpose, he tried to

Democratic deputy, Agron Shehaj, commented on Rama's absence in the Assembly when the Democrats had requested an interpellation on the "McGonigal" scandal.

Invited to the News 24 studio, Shehaj said that Rama tried to eliminate the opposition. The deputy added that the democrats demand an Investigative Commission for the "McGonigal" scandal, while Rama deliberately hid from the session.

"The prime minister is involved in an investigation by the FBI, against a former agent who is accused of receiving money and hiding meetings with the prime minister of our country. Referred to the indictment. It is unheard of for a prime minister to be personally involved in rigging, let alone attacking the opposition.

For these we ask that he come to the Assembly and give explanations. It happened that the prime minister tried to eliminate the opposition, we are not talking about something unimportant that we should expect him to find time and come to give explanations.

We also demand the establishment of an Investigative Commission on this matter, and for this reason we tried to block the session. This is a very serious matter, and it is important for us to apply the law and the rules of the Assembly. The Prime Minister cannot hide. His non-participation is intentional.

This is an indication that Rama has nothing to say and that he is immersed in the affair. They are facts in the indictment. This alone is enough for the prime minister to resign in a normal country.

This is the reason why we will protest on February 11. Corruption in Albania is to maintain power and eliminate the opposition" , said Shehaj.


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