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The scandal with the cemetery in Tufina, Kelliçi: This is the true face of Erion Veliaj

The scandal with the cemetery in Tufina, Kelliçi: This is the true face

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, has commented on the serious scenes shown in the show "Piranhas" from the Tirana cemetery, where the bones of babies were placed in candy boxes and of adults in black bags.

For Syri TV, Kelliçi said that these images showed the true face of the local government of Tirana and of the mayor Erion Veliaj.

As he considered it a horror scene, Kelliçi said that treating deceased citizens and human dignity in this way is beyond any politics.

Kelliçi: I didn't want to believe it, that every day we receive complaints mainly on social networks and I didn't believe that this phenomenon could happen where a case that I received a complaint about is still being handled by the show Piranjat and I believe it will be presented in the following.

I want to publicly thank them for a fantastic job they have done to highlight the corrupt face of this government, a corrupt leader, but now not only corrupt, but also a barbaric government.

Now, the problem is that there were not only remains of children put in bathtubs, they were unimaginable, horror scenes, thank you for broadcasting them, I understand that it is very serious and I understand very well the sensitive part of these scenes that many citizens can be charged, but it is better that the citizens see the truth about what happens in the Tufina cemetery than that we retouch the images and not tell the citizens the truth.

There, not only do you see a view, the wall cemetery, but there is a crack where there are packages of children's bones, and on the other side it is unimaginable, barbaric, anti-human, the treatment of adults' remains with garbage bags, because there I have also seen very serious film footage that talks about the bones of adults that have simply been put in garbage bags and thrown in a corner.

Treating citizens who have passed away with human dignity at this level is beyond any politics.

I have also seen Veliaj's chronicle "which would restore human dignity" to all those families who needed the remains of their relatives to rest in peace in the main cemeteries, in Tufina and Sharre, but today you see eight years later these images, this is the true face of this local government here and this is also the true face of Erion Veliaj, that propaganda is one thing, reality is another." 

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