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"Today the sirens of the revolt are sounding", Berisha: The most powerful form of protest, when it is structured with the unions

"Today the sirens of the revolt are sounding", Berisha: The most

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has spoken again about starting protests this fall.

According to Berisha, the most powerful form of protest, as Albania's history has proven, is the one structured with trade unions.

Berisha : " You see well what happens with prices, how the Albanians get poorer from month to month with the increase in prices. And this doesn't happen in Macedonia, I'm not talking about Germany, which allocated 45 billion euros just to cover the increase in prices for its citizens.

We are taking Macedonia and Kosovo. Do we have the right to compare ourselves with Kosovo? We have every right to compare.

This money, which deals with price increases, is the money of citizens' pain. Kosovo I return, I return 100 euros for pensioners, for students, for administration employees and doubling of economic aid. And this mockery, just mockery. He gave 50 million, 3 times before, and no one knows how they distributed them.

Edi Rama has crossed every kind of limit. I guarantee you that the last Albanian dictator was 3 times more restrained in abuses than Edi Rama is today. Edi Rama exceeds every standard. He goes and buys the instillation of 4 million euros, as if he owns the yard of Surreli and tells the journalists that I don't give an account to anyone for what I do with public funds, as if they are personal funds of his family.

So in all four directions today the sirens of revolt, hatred towards this government are sounding. I tell you one thing, whether officially or privately, in every meeting and conversation I find only one request, protest and only protest. I find it in the young, the old, the small businessmen, even in the medium and big ones, who are honest.

This meeting is quite important, because the most powerful form of protest, as the history of Albania and not only Albania has proven, is that which is structured with trade unions. I guarantee you that they will have the total support of DP, the Salvation Front of Albania and the opposition.

The Higher Education Union has thrown itself into battle, of lecturers. On October 5, they announced the general strike, the protest, but let them ask themselves, are the teachers better off? Not teachers are worse than lecturers. How doctors and nurses are, they have never been like they are today," said Berisha.          

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