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Tabaku: Agriculture is reaping the truncated socialist vision and the corrupt system

Tabaku: Agriculture is reaping the truncated socialist vision and the corrupt

In a post on social networks, the deputy of DP, Jorida Tabaku, stated that Albanian agriculture has a growth of 0Z5 and farmers today suffer the crisis of a truncated economic vision of the socialists but also the corrupt system with which they get rich at the expense of agriculture. Tabaku in her video shows that agriculture is in this situation as a result of these policies and a system that taxes work and does not support it while dealing with tenders and concessions that do not give life and development to the economy.

Then she brings the example of how even the millions of tourists who have come to Albania have not brought any additional income for agriculture, which according to the figures itself is in an economic stagnation that proves the corrupt system that is eroding the income of Albanians.

Tabak's Word: 

Good morning and happy Sunday! We are in the farming months when in fact now is the time to reap what has been sown. What is Albanian agriculture harvesting? It is reaping zero exports. An economic growth of 0% unchanged in the last three years, the lack of IPARD funds. And it reflects a (corrupt) system that exists in every sector. What happened to the IPARD funds is the best reflection of socialist governance; corruption with funds that in this case are from the EU, corruption in tenders, in concessions. In sharing the public good. of public money. money laundering, favoritism, concentration in a few hands that is reflecting in a zero growth in one of the most important sectors of the economy. Of a sector that today should have skyrocketed and should have produced an increase as a result of the increase in tourists in the country. But corruption is preventing this sector from developing and it is preventing the working people who pour their sweat in the field to have a reward, to have extra income in their pocket. This is the best example and the best reflection of how not only wrong policies; how not only the lack of support but also corruption prevents a key sector from developing. Now is the time to change this system. The time has come to not only have a good distribution of public money, but to have a fight against corruption, which does not allow growth to develop in key sectors of the economy.

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