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Rama's meeting in Milan, Spahia: Even in the midst of civilization, the request to vote infuriates the patronage

Rama's meeting in Milan, Spahia: Even in the midst of civilization, the

The former mayor of Shkodra, Bardh Spahia, commented on Rama's meeting with the Albanian diaspora in Milan.

In a post on Facebook, Spahia writes that the SP has reached its darkest day as it is no longer a party, but a deeply incriminated organization that is afraid of a free vote.

Spahia emphasizes that the meeting in Milan was not with immigrants, but with patronageists and spies of the administration. The Democrat adds that Rama drove the immigrants out of the country after turning it into a paradise for criminals.


Even near Milan, in the midst of civilization, the demand to vote infuriates patronageists, or modern spies.

They flocked by plane, bus and whatever else they could because the party called.

The party is in its darkest day because the big and the small have realized that it is no longer a party but a deeply incriminated organization that has the greatest horror of the free vote.

Modern spies flocked from the offices of the administration servants of evil to protect the endless salaries and thefts.

They are not immigrants. The many immigrants I have known during my time living in that area are honest and dignified people who do not live at the expense of taxpayers, do not live by spying on their neighbors, do not live by stealing, do not rush into campaigns by buying and stealing votes with criminals and of course they don't spit fire out of their ears and mouth when they see a banner that says "I want to vote".

The good and honest emigrants fled precisely from Rama, the chief thief in charge of the patron Nazis, excited even though tired from the long journey.

He expelled the immigrants because he made Albania unlivable for the honest and a paradise for criminals who introduced them to the parliament, government, municipality and the entire administration. They are the ones who take the streets in his support whenever the master thief Rama is in need.

They are that crowd that, with their greed and servility, empty Albania every day.

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