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Meeting with KiE reporters, Berisha: I requested a review of the justice reform as it is politically motivated

Meeting with KiE reporters, Berisha: I requested a review of the justice reform

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, disclosed the meeting he held yesterday evening with the reporters of the Council of Europe.

"Albania is the classic case where crime turns into votes and votes into crime," Berisha emphasized.

He also asked to intervene to review the justice reform, as it is politically motivated.


Dear friends, last night I hosted a delegation of reporters from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe consisting of Asim Mollazada, Jonut Stroe, Bas Klein and Giulia Re, head of the KiE office in Albania.

Thanking them for their visit, I said that Albania is in the middle of a crisis that has to do with the "special relationship" between crime and voting under the government of Edi Rama, where the metastases of crime have invaded every level of power. Informing the reporters about the last elections, I informed them that Albania is a classic case where crime turns into a vote and the vote turns into a crime, the solution of this crime-election relationship is one of the points where KiE should contribute.

I introduced the representatives of the Council of Europe to the government industry of vote buying and the state machinery of electoral terror against voters and the engagement of organized crime against free voting.

The second issue where I asked for help from KiE is the justice system, which is paralyzed. Albanians have lost the fundamental right to a fair legal process. The stock of files at all levels reaches over 120,000 and takes about 30 years to review.

Those who set up this failed system can no longer intervene to repair it because they are 'shareholders in failure'.

I asked the CoE delegation to mediate for an intervention by the Venice Commission for a review of the justice reform in Albania. This reform was politically motivated.

In the May 14 elections, the administration turned into the 'electoral political police' and the government created 1.3 million nomadic voters by changing the polling station at the last moment. The government made efforts to destroy the opposition and appoint an opposition according to its appetites.

The essence of democracy is the opportunity it gives to citizens to change the government every four years. This chance has been taken away from the Albanians because the government maintains power with the help of organized crime.

The tentacles of this link were seen in the millions of pages of decrypted messages of the Encrochat and Sky platforms. Albanian was the second language in Europe in the large criminal database discovered by the police of the partner countries.

In these transcripts are all the connections with organized political crime at the highest levels, ministers, prime minister, judge, prosecutor, police director, so their publication would be a great help and transparency for Albanians.

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