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"Tallava in the justice system", Hysaj: Dako chose himself where and when he would be arrested

"Tallava in the justice system", Hysaj: Dako chose himself where and

The Secretary for Public Relations in the Democratic Party, Jola Hysaj, has commented on the arrest of the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako.

According to Hysaj, this is a political scenario, while he emphasized that very soon Dako will be released.

Hysaj told News24 that Dako will be treated the same as in the case of former minister Saimir Tahir.

" Dako's abuses are not few. As is Currilove Hill, investment during 2015, investment more than 2 million dollars. Another abuse is Veliera, 9 million euros, or Iliria square, worth 3 million euros, which is renovated every year.

 SPAK has so many violations that are listed on the KLSH website. If there is a person who is investigated for 8 months and given 4 days to talk to his accomplices, it is Dako. There is strong evidence that he stole votes. Mrs. Sako is his puppet, he is still in power.

Why did you intervene at this moment and not before the elections?! We were followed closely because they had installed cameras all over the city.

This is a media show. 48 hours after Tahir's release, comes the 'arrest' of Mr. Dako. He did not agree to be arrested in his city, but he agreed to surrender. The calm with which he was arrested is ridiculous. I think, as in the case of Mr. Tahiri, we will move to 'compulsion to appear' or it will continue with 'house arrest '", said Hysaj.

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