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Teliti: With €30 million stolen from "5D", 1,200 social housing units would have been built

Teliti: With €30 million stolen from "5D", 1,200 social housing

The Advisor for Economic Affairs in the Democratic Party, Dorian Telit, in a post on social networks, Teliti writes that the 30 million euros of 5D corruption cost as much as the construction of 1200 social housing, as he recalls dozens of families who are homeless and in economic difficulties.

Telit's post: 

The 30 million euro 5D corruption tax costs as much as the construction of 1,200 social housing units.

There are thousands of families who are waiting for the housing promised but never realized.

There are thousands of children who do their lessons in scandalous conditions, in the cold or even with rainwater dripping from the ceiling on their school books and notebooks.

There are thousands of elderly people whose lives are shortened every day because they live in conditions outside of any normal standard of living.

There are thousands of young couples who do not dare to start a married life, because they do not even have the money to pay rents that have increased significantly these years, let alone buy houses.

❌ And this is because the management team of the Municipality of Tirana, instead of thinking about building social housing for the layers that need it, thought about how to swallow millions and millions of euros with fabricated procedures from the beginning.


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