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Shkëlzen's call from SPAK to Gërdec, Berisha: Even 100 years later, if they investigate you, they will find zero connection there

Shkëlzen's call from SPAK to Gërdec, Berisha: Even 100 years

The head of the DP Sali Berisha commented on the call of his son, Shkëlzen Berisha, to testify at the SPAK regarding the Gërdec file on former minister Fatmir Mediu.

Berisha said that if he is called, the boy should go and answer, but emphasized that even 100 years later, if he is investigated, they will not find any connection.

"At any time. Which one. I have made it clear here. There can never be any hesitation or hindrance to any kind of investigation. If I take positions and denounce, I do so only for the public interest.

I never do them for any other purpose. I support law enforcement. But there are criminals there (SPAK). They took 200,000 Euros and released the murderer.

Greca was caught in Elbasan with pictures of Taulant Balla, euros and cards, Shehaj was that prosecutor, and he said he had no election materials. SPAK is an institution of great importance.

But can we agree with removing and hiding fascicles? Whoever they call, every man will go to answer. But can Ilir Beqja, who has 5 firms, be forgiven? Even if they investigate you for 100 years, they will find zero connection there, but to call him whenever they want, " he said.

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