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"The bodyguards of the crime bosses under the guise of the Guard violate the representatives of the people!"

"The bodyguards of the crime bosses under the guise of the Guard violate

By Besart Xhaferri

This Monday, the Guard kicked every regulation of the Parliament, attempting to physically control the opposition MPs, not even sparing the women, which led to a physical clash between the parties at the start of the session.

Ironically, those Guard employees who work part-time as bodyguards for crime bosses and strategic investors by order of Edi Rama today violated the people's elected officials in their home.

These scenes are evidence of the installation of the narco-state, where the Parliament, from an institution that controls the executive, is trying to be transformed into an annex of the SP and the government, by order of Edi Rama.

In no country in the world do the Guards treat MPs like prison guards.

This attack against the opposition comes only because Edi Rama is terrified of the opposition's demands for investigative commissions.

There are eight requests for investigative commissions, from charter trips, PPPs in health and Villa in Surrel "built" by the sale of books that dismantle the corruption of Edi Rama.

With the attempt to take hostages of the opposition, Rama proves that he has taken hostage the Parliament and its deputies, whom he treats as mercenaries against the opposition and against the Albanians.

Today, the Parliament hall no longer belongs to the representatives of the people, but to the representatives and bodyguards of crime.

Time for the Albanians to take the fate of the country in their hands and save it from the clutches of the Sultanate of Corruption.

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