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Arvit Bushati says he was accompanied 'wrongly': Political attack, I filed a lawsuit against the Shkodra Police

Arvit Bushati says he was accompanied 'wrongly': Political attack, I

The police of Shkodra accompanied for several hours Arvit Bushat, vice president of FPRD and director of Ujesjella Kanalizme in Shkodra. Bushati was accompanied as a wanted person, but in fact it turned out to be a mistake by the police.

This is due to the fact that Bushati has been released since May 17, after suspicions about food aid during the May 14 election campaign were dismissed by the Court of First Instance in Shkodër.

Bushati described the police escort as a political attack, as according to him the State Police is trying to intimidate the representatives of the Democratic Party in Shkodër.

The deputy president of the FRPD showed how he was escorted by the officers and the reaction of the officers when they realized that the detention measure was unfounded, since the court had released Bushati.

"I was after the official working hours and I was having a coffee with representatives of the DP in Shkodër, and the mayor was also in our presence. In those moments, I was confronted by two police patrols who only with the digitization 'order from the bosses, we are sorry you have to come with us' accompanied me in strange measures for a type of person who does not have any kind of extra explanation to make the connection with the competent bodies.

After I was in the police of Shkodra, I saw the hesitation on their faces about the orders they had received from the political leaders of the state police turned into janissaries after they realized that the measure and form of detention was totally unfounded in law and procedure. In such conditions, I was escorted for 5 hours without having any kind of explanation as to the reasons why the state police did all this organization and all this form and manner of escorting.

In my opinion, this is an attack that is made because I am the general vice president of the DP Youth Forum for the whole of Albania and I think that this is a form of pressure that is put on the representatives of the DP in Shkodër but everywhere and in the whole of Albania. I strongly condemn the approach that the police forces have towards the Democratic Party" , said Bushati.

Bushati stated that he filed a lawsuit against the Shkodra Police.

"At the moment that I committed the unjust attitude that was done to me, I filed a lawsuit against the police of Shkodra, but I don't know how to tell the truth how hopefully the facts that I have listed will be taken into account," Bushati added . .

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