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"Wear Linda's dress to the dacha", Berisha- Rama: Nothing saves you from being questioned!

"Wear Linda's dress to the dacha", Berisha- Rama: Nothing saves

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, has repeated his request for an urgent interpellation with Prime Minister Rama, as according to him, they will prove that he has given tenders to people close to him.

From the civic gathering, Berisha said that nothing saves Edi Rama from the questioning because he has many things to account for.

Rama : Edi Rama, today I called you to the interpellation.
But today, you put on the dress of Linda of the parliament, you coward, you man, and you rejected, did not accept, rejected my interpellation in terror.
My friends, I did my duty as a deputy in respect, but my parliament is you, it is this platform.
And I guarantee you, I guarantee you that nothing will save Edi Rama from interrogation.
That he should account penny for penny for the OSCE charge of 200 million euros hidden in offshore accounts.
That he should give a penny-for-penny account of the five-story palace in the palace courtyard without any tax, customs, bank receipts. Of course it came down from the sky to the yard.
That he must account for 136 million euros that disappeared in the Tirana burner.
That he must account for the hundreds of secret tenders won by the bachanak with his partner, in which the model of theft has been applied in the same way as in the municipality.
That he must account for the 37,000 square meters he gave to his brother Olsi Rama with his firm.
That he must account for the 142 trips by plane taxi, for the transport of allegedly hundreds of diplomatic trunks with drugs or narcoeuro.
He has a lot to account for.
Their streak does not end.
Edi Rama, you have no escape. Wear Linda's dress to the dacha, whatever you want, you will strip naked in parliament, as you are in front of the people. Cullak will take out.
What you have done to the Albanians, no enemy has ever done to them.

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