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The elections in Kukës, the "BF" candidate votes: Kuksians should vote en masse

The elections in Kukës, the "BF" candidate votes: Kuksians should

The candidate of the opposition coalition "Bashke Fitomje" for the Municipality of Kukës, Emri Vata, voted a few minutes ago in the corresponding voting center.

In a statement to the media, Vata declared that this is a marked day for Kukës and called on citizens to show up and vote en masse at the polling stations.

Vata: Greetings to all Kuksian citizens. Today is a marked day, today is a holy day for Kukës, Kuksians and Kuksian families and for the future of Kukës.

I invite all the residents of Kukes to turn to the ballot boxes en masse, to express their will in the best possible free and democratic way.

Until now that we are talking, we have identified every problem and illegality that is being attempted to distort the will of the voters, which will be presented in another communiqué. Until these moments, the situation has been calm, but we will present the attempts.

These elections are important not only for Kukës, not only for Kukësians, but they are important elections beyond Kukës, they are important elections for the whole of Albania.

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