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Drugs in Fier/ "Keep playing the flute", Balliu debates with the former socialist MP: Rama combined politics with cocaine

Drugs in Fier/ "Keep playing the flute", Balliu debates with the

The organizational chief in the PD, Klevis Balliu, is involved in a debate with the former socialist MP Arben Çuko about the recently discovered drug laboratory in Fier. Çuko has considered it an achievement that foreign agencies participated in an anti-drug operation in Albania, while Balliu has ironed saying that the only investors who brought SP are Interpol and DEA.

Balliu told "Open" that Fieri's rat was a repetition of Xibraka. He acknowledged the fact that there were also officials involved, while adding that the problem lies in the system built by the government.

Excerpts from the discussion:

Arben Çuko: The police operation has a moment to celebrate. This is where the complete trust that foreign agencies have comes out. To carry out an operation that lasts two months and over 80 officers participate without any leaks, so we have a result. It is a success.

Balliu: Success of the DEA, yes, because the police officers placed them there. This is a repetition of Xibraka, of several cases in Fushë-Kruje. The plan was a laboratory and it is repeated that state officials are involved. We have Agim Kajmaku of Vora. We have a series of state officials who have been caught in this traffic relationship. The issue is with the government and the system set up for cocaine. Here, politics has become a black chronicle, Edi Rama has combined both drugs and politics.

Arben Çuko: It is not the problem of the prime minister or the minister because the government has 100,000 employees and it is not the problem of either SP or Edi Rama, Cermanak's problem is his. When yours came out there and fired the gun, I did not express myself. I didn't say it's Sal's fault.

Balliu: The minister in prison, the deputy in prison, now shoots at people appointed by Rama. I thank the US DEA because we have seen the State Police. If it's not gone for two metros, we will have laboratories. The only foreign investors you brought in is Interpol and the DEA

Arben Çuko: Follow and play the flute

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