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The commission meets/DP: The Territorial Reform of 2014 was a failure. Dhimitri: It reduced the participation of citizens in decision-making

The commission meets/DP: The Territorial Reform of 2014 was a failure. Dhimitri:

The Commission for Territorial Reform met today to hold a hearing with representatives of civil society organizations.

Co-Chair for Territorial Reform, Dhurata Çupi reiterated the position of the Democratic Party that the 2014 reform was a failure.

"The fact that we return to the Territorial Reform is that the reform carried out in 2014 was ineffective. With this question we must start the work in this commission, what are the problems, why did the reform fail, why was not what was expected achieved? What are the good sides of the reform that can be preserved from the previous reform" , said Çupi, among other things.

Albana Dhimitri, Executive Director at the Institute of Public and Private Policies, expressed herself in the same line with the latter. Dhimitri said that the 2014 reform reduced citizens' participation in decision-making.

"The negative side was the reduction of citizens' participation in decision-making, that is, there were parts of the population that, due to the distance from the administrative unit of the municipality, did not have the physical opportunity to participate in the meetings held or other elements of everyday life.

The feeling of being directly chosen is therefore a lost feeling. The debate could be whether or not direct election was efficient before 2014, no! But at least the perception that you were being elected was in the community and the chosen one's feeling. The fiscal burden of the administrative units remains with the central government, reducing the level of fiscal responsibility of the local government" , said Dhimitri.




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