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"Criminal gangs connected to the Police", the journalist: The citizen denounced, the officer 'unmasked' her as a spy

"Criminal gangs connected to the Police", the journalist: The citizen

Journalist Anila Hoxha commented on SPAK's operation in which 50 arrest warrants were issued and SKY ECC wiretapping between crime bosses in the country was revealed.

Invited to "Top Story", Hoxha recalled the case of a citizen from an area in the north of the country, who reported a parcel of drugs to the police, but the officer unmasked him as a spy.

"We have mentioned that the metamorphosis is ongoing, in August 2023 the curtain opened and elements of the underworld emerged. Even Dumani, in one of the annual reports, made it clear that he did not trust the police, which was triggered by the clues generated by the file. Metamorphosis has gathered in one place, with their plans, all the people of crime, who mercilessly plan how they will eliminate the opponents ", said Hoxha. 

What shocked me is the position of the people involved in the law and justice institutions. How policemen become one with crime. I was shocked by a sentence when one of the informants had notified the police in handwriting about a drug parcel and he was spied on. The informant can be a citizen who loves the law. This was a citizen in the north who shows how drugs are cultivated there. This policeman takes a picture of him and says be careful, and takes out his identity. This brought me back to 2015, when the police went through a big crisis with treason within the species",  said Hoxha.

According to her, in the SPAK file, it appears that the criminal gang was connected to the State Police and the State Information Service.

" For example, the name of Ardian Nikulaj, who was killed, is mentioned, and then they tell us to be careful that he will put the police and state security behind us. This does not mean that all the police are rotten, but there is a need for emergency intervention.

I found people in court who were caught gambling on the phone. I remember one person, that the court said give me evidence that this person is part of gambling. In fact, it was an ugly facade that captured people for statistics. Indeed, gambling was there. When the police came, the organizers were notified," she said. 

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