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2 thousand graduates less, the number of students in schools drops significantly every year

2 thousand graduates less, the number of students in schools drops significantly

Over 2,000 fewer graduates are being counted each school year.

" It directly affects the labor market and the economic development of the country" - says teacher Ana Llazo.

The latest data from the Institute of Statistics show that 27,069 students graduated from secondary education last year; while two years ago, 29,503 students finished the 12th grade, marking a decrease of 5.2%, compared to the 2021-2022 school year.

"Drastic, marked decline not only of graduates but of students in general in schools. For example, in my case, a class has a maximum of 25 graduates, while years ago there were 40 graduates in the class. If the phenomenon continues like this, I may also risk my job'.

The same loss in numbers is also observed in the 9-year cycle, where about 28,000 students have completed their graduation exams out of the 32,000 that were in 2021. However, the number of graduates is even lower because the gymnasium is not mandatory.

"The economic conditions that have pushed some young people to stop school and work, maybe also the demographic changes, the decrease in the birth rate have also brought about a decrease in the number of graduates over the years, but among the main ones I look at the economic factor and immigration".

Teachers demand intervention in education policies to stop school dropouts and emigration, with the emergency not to end an aging population…

"Increasing scholarships would be something good."

High school graduates

School year 2020-2021: 31,136

School year 2021-2022: 29,503

School year 2022-2023: 27,069/ Top Channel

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