The 3 children killed their father, the brother of Pëllumb Meta: the culprit and his friend, they had good relations with Hygerta

The 3 children killed their father, the brother of Pëllumb Meta: the

Ramazan Meta, Pëllumb Meta's brother who was killed by the children, has told how he saw his brother's relationship with his family.

Speaking on Top Channel, he said that the cause of his murder is the victim's wife and not the children as suspected until now.

He said that his wife Blerina Meta taught the children to hate their father, since the latter took care of them and educated them. Brother Pëllumb Meta further added that the latter was a closed person and that he is a hostage for not expressing himself, as he was a closed person.

" The cause of this work is only my wife, I have nothing more to say. The authorities find the main author of the cause, which led the brother to that condition. The wife is, that she released the children against their father. One child may be unhappy, but not all children. All this country with his own hands is arranged. He lived with his children, toiling, while the children rewarded him in this way. I say it is the sister-in-law, who else could teach the children. What was wrong with the children from their father, educating them and keeping them close.

Hyseni was not a bad boy, but his mother's instructions brought him to that rank. That brother very little had signaled to me that brother. For a woman to stay all those years under pressure is no longer a family. As far as I understood, the brother was closed to himself. My soul was satisfied when I was out with the children, working. He told the children everything. They had a very close relationship, none closer than the child. They had extremely good relations with Hygerta, and he even taught her how to drive. To make the conditions as good as possible, so that the child is satisfied. Yes, they rewarded him that way.

I have a pledge for my brother who has not expressed it to me, he had expressed it to his own brother. That I went very well with it. It has been very closed. We drank coffee every time we saw each other on the street. My soul was crying, I couldn't open up, I had nothing to ask. This is my pawn. They did this macabre thing, I pray that they don't forget a good day, because it was not meant to go there. They called me uncle, I killed him, but they buried me there. It is very heavy. Even the biggest enemy in the world can't be done to dad. Never in the world. But I say again that the pivot of this work is the mother, that the children cannot become a group to kill the father ", declared Ramazan Meta.




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