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'30 June ', Patozi: Those who imposed the crazy boycott, are silent about the scorching slap

'30 June ', Patozi: Those who imposed the crazy boycott, are silent

The Constitutional Court today clarified the decision to legitimize the elections of June 30, 2019. Based on the decision, the Constitutional Court has considered incompetent the request of the mayor Voltana Ademi, for unconstitutionality of the elections.

Former Democratic Conviction coordinator Astrit Patozi, in a Facebook post, blames the then opposition, including former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Democrat leader Lulzim Basha and President Ilir Meta. According to Patoz, the three 'protagonists' knew the end of the case, so they did not go to court, but chose to remain silent, and now the loss is addressed to Voltana Ademi. .


Now that the Constitutional Court announced the decision to reject the request, which challenged the local elections of June 2019, the picture of the heavy political responsibility of those who then led and represented the opposition becomes clearer.

How, due to a diabolical folly, all local government was handed over to the Soviets, while this topic is not treated before, both by the "statutory" bunker, where Lulzim Basha is locked up to be protected by his party, as well as by " the "pulpit" of the peaceful revolution, which will re-establish pluralism in Albania.

Those who really made the crazy decision to boycott and others who tried to prevent the elections by any means available were fully convinced that they did not win the case, so they did not go to court themselves. Because, apparently, two losses for the same case became too much.

And they found the desolate Voltan, which has remained as a small island among the waters of the boundless power of the "Renaissance," perhaps not for any fault of its own. She was burdened with a great burden, which did not belong to her at all, because it was not her problem at all, but there is no strong reason to reject it. After all, the postman is never charged with those containing the letters inside.

So even today is not the day to seek the loss of Voltana Ademi, because she is probably the only opposition that has won the June 2019 elections, despite having no merit. But to see how they are silent at the same time about this scorching slap as if they were in the golden times of love between the "de jure" chairman of the Democratic Party, the "pulpit" and the President of the Republic.


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