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31-years from the ship 'Vlora'/ Even after three decades, Albanians have their eyes on Europe

31-years from the ship 'Vlora'/ Even after three decades, Albanians

Today marks 31 years since the great exodus of Albanians to Italy. About 20 thousand Albanians left their homeland on August 8, 1991 for a better future across the Adriatic.

The Albanian emigrants landed on the shores of Bari with the ship "Vlora", which had left from the port of Durrës. This ship was previously rejected by Brindisi.

Curbing the phenomenon of the mass departure of Albanians remains a challenge, even after 31 years, when citizens suffering from the communist regime turned their eyes towards Europe.

Even today this remains a wish of a good part of Albanians. In the last 8 years alone, more than half a million Albanians have left their country.

The lack of hope, fair competition, unemployment, etc. is estimated as the reason for the mass departure. Worrying is the fact that those who choose to leave are young people and professionals.

But this reality refuses to be accepted by the ruling party, which has often considered it normal, exaggerating the situation. "It's an election," Prime Minister Edi Rama has said several times.

On the other hand, the efforts to keep the Albanians in their country are also missing. This is evidenced in the numbers of those leaving, which are not decreasing.



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