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The 46-year-old man in Korça seriously injured his wife, first removed the children from the apartment and then shot her

The 46-year-old man in Korça seriously injured his wife, first removed


Aleko Myrtollari, 46, shot his 38-year-old wife with a knife, leaving her injured. The event happened in the neighborhood no. 10 in Korça, while the wife was taken to the hospital in a serious state of health.

Immediately after the injury, the perpetrator left the apartment where the incident took place.

"On 04.06.2023, around 10:00 p.m., in district no. 10, Korçë, citizen AM, about 46 years old, injured his wife, citizen MM, about 38 years old, with a sharp tool (knife) which is in the hospital of Korça, in a serious state of health.

The Police Services, immediately after receiving the notification, went to the scene, surrounded the area and are continuing to comb it. Checkpoints have also been set up with the aim of capturing the suspected perpetrator, a citizen of AM, who, after injuring his wife, left the scene. The investigative group under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office is working to fully clarify the circumstances of the incident ," the police announced.

As reported by new details on the event, Aleko Myrtollari and Manjola had constant conflicts between them. The couple returned from Tirana to Korça a month and a half ago, together with their children.

Aleko first asked the children to leave the apartment and then stabbed his wife.

It was the 16-year-old girl who called the police after finding her injured mother.

Aleko has always used violence against Manjola Myrtollari, because he also consumed alcohol and was almost drunk all the time.

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